New Year New You - Guaranteed Results bootcamp in Brighton & Hove


Client Testimonials

Here's what Sarah Maynard had to say about the programme:
The diet is definitely the diet that has worked best for me out of all the diets I have done. Its amazing what difference cutting certain food/additives out of your diet makes especially sugar and caffeine and by about week 2.5 my energy levels hit the roof and I was waking up with energy, my concentration at work was amazing, my skin looked healthy and I just generally felt great. The great thing is the food you get to eat on the diet is delicious, natural and you can eat as much of it as you like which is great as I LOVE food! A massive thumbs up for the Beach Body Programme!
Thomas Angus - our biggest loser!

Thomas Angus lost a staggering 6kilos, dropped 4% in bodyfat and two inches off his waist.

He did this by training just three times a week on the bootcamp and following the diet to the letter.

Liz Fergusson - 5kg of fat lost in just 25 days!

Liz just completed the Guaranteed Results Bootcamp with amazing improvements in her physique and well being!

After just 25 days she managed to slice off 5kg of fat and an amazing 2.5 inches off her waist!

Sue Vila lost 6kg of fat and felt great!

Having completed the New year - New You programme, my wife Sue managed a staggering 6kg fat loss in just 25 days and has kept it off!

Here are her before and after stats:

Before (10/6/11)





Fat Mass:




After (8/7/11)





Fat Mass:




The average weight loss is 6kg, and you can expect to lose up to 2 inches off your waist.
This is achieved by following an easy to follow detox diet, alongside regular training classes involving Kettlebells and other fun toys!