You now have two options:

Option 1: Bootcamp without Kettlebell - Ideal for those that can attend at least three classes a week.

Option 2: Bootcamp with a Kettlebell- Ideal for those that cannot attend three classes a week.

Option 1: Bootcamp

£ 85 

OPTION 1- Without Kettlebell purchase.

Price is £85, which includes:

- Induction talk (Sat 18th January- 10.30am at BHASVIC, 205 Dyke Road, Brighton)

- Weight, bodyfat assessment and waist measurement at the beginning and end of the programme.

- 25 days of Unlimited kettlebell training either in Brighton or Hove.

- Full diet prescription and recipe cookbooks,

- Weekly dietary analysis,

- Guaranteed results to your body-shape, health and well-being!

- Discounts on training with Brighton Kettlebells after the bootcamp ends.

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    £ 85 

    Bootcamp without Kettlebell purchase.

    Ideal for those that can attend three or more classes a week.

    See below for "with Kettlebell" options.

    Option 2- Bootcamp with Kettlebell Purchase.

    Can't attend three classes a week due to outside commitments?
    No problem! Select the Kettlebell you would like below and you will get all the benefits of Option 1, plus a Premium Grade Cast Iron Kettlebell to use at home.

    Each week you will receive a new workout, with diagrams, to do yourself- this routine will be taught at the Monday class too.

    Kettlebells come in different weights. Simply choose the correct weight for you using the following for guidance according to your fitness level or experience with Kettlebells.

    Female: Newbie: 8kg, Intermediate: 12kg, Advanced: 16kg

    Male: Newbie: 12kg, Intermediate: 16kg, Advanced: 20kg

    Bootcamp + 6kg Kettlebell

    £ 98 

    Ideal for Beginner Females.

    Bootcamp + 12kg Kettlebell

    £ 115 

    Ideal for Advanced Females or Intermediate Male.

    Bootcamp + 8kg Kettlebell

    £ 105 

    Ideal for Novice Males or Intermediate Females

    Bootcamp + 16kg Kettlebell

    £ 125 

    Ideal for Advanced Females or Males

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